Dystonia - "Muscles behaving badly"

- Lily (aged 7)

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Life without Music

Dystonia Network of Australia Inc.

Providing a pathway to support, information, literature and community awareness for adults and children living with dystonia and their carers and health providers.

Our aim:

  • To provide appropriate, researched information for adults and children with dystonia, their carers and interested health providers.
  • To increase community awareness of the condition.
  • To ultimately fund seminars and assist with research into dystonia.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Australian Dystonia Awareness Week  14 – 21 September                               inclusive is now on the Australian National Government Calendar.


Best wishes to all the Australians who have Dystonia in this the Government’s Australian Dystonia Awareness Week 14-21 September 2018 from everyone at Dystonia Network of Australia Inc. The National Association and Charity for adults and children with Dystonia.


Can dystonia be caused by stress?

Frequently Asked Questions

Stress does not cause dystonia

But symptoms often get worse in stressful situations. This happens in most movement disorders.

Can dystonia go into remission?

Frequently Asked Questions

A small percentage of people will experience remission

Or a lessening of symptoms of their dystonia but these symptoms often return. 

Is tiredness a part of my dystonia?

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people report tiredness as part of their symptoms.

Tiredness could be due to the energy expended with constant involuntary movements.


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