Australian stories from movement disorder health professionals treating dystonia.


7th May

Information Session for Deep Brain Stimulation in Perth Western Australia

Dr Rodrigues and the team at Hollywood hospital in Perth, Western Australia are offering an information session for DBS relating to dystonia and other treatable conditions.


With permission of  A/Professor  J. Rodrigues and  the DBS team.



Dr Stephen Tisch & Dr Ben Jonker Non Invasive Treatment for Tremors in 2018

               With permission of St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney & Dr Stephen Tisch





4 th April 2016.

  • New Botulinum Toxin Neurology Clinic Now Opened at Wollongong Public Hospital

          Treatment will Be Administered  By:  A/Prof John Carmody FRCPI FRACP PhD. 

    The following information was sent to DNA by Professor Carmody. “A/Prof. John Carmody recently established a new Botulinum Toxin Neurology Clinic at Wollongong Public Hospital     Over the last 25-30 years, patients with dystonia from the Illawarra and Shoalhaven regions have had to travel to Sydney to receive Botulinum Toxin therapy.   But now, people from these areas who experience any of the following conditions are very welcome to contact us:

    • Forms of dystonia
      • Cervical dystonia
      • Blepharospasm
      • Focal limb dystonia
      • Oromandibular dystonia
      • Dystonic tremor
      • Axial dystonia
    • Other conditions which are treated include
      • Jaw clenching/bruxism
      • Hemifacial spasm
      • Excessive saliva (e.g. in Parkinson’s disease)
      • Chronic migraine
      • Excessive sweating (e.g. underarms)
      • Focal spasticity (e.g. after stroke, spinal cord injury)

    This service is provided weekly at the Neurology Clinic, Level 4, Block C, Wollongong Public Hospital.   Treatment is administered by A/Prof John Carmody FRCPI FRACP PhD.   Interested health care professionals or patients are encouraged to contact us.   Contact details – Tel: 02 4253 4430,  Fax: 02 4253 4436″