Our Aim:

To provide appropriate, researched information for adults and children with dystonia, their carers and interested health providers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              To increase community awareness of the condition.                                                                                                                                  To  ultimately fund seminars and assist with research.

Can you run, sew or bake cakes for dystonia? If you would like to assist DNA with fundraising activities please contact us.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Kerrie, Laraine & the DNA committee.


You can now create your own campaign through MyCause to raise money for the Dystonia Network of Australia Inc.

 DNA Banner July 2015 Kerrie & Laraine Co - Founders DNA Inc.

Kerrie & Laraine
Co – Founders DNA Inc. July  2015




 Australian Dystonia Awareness Week  7th – 14th September 2019 Inclusive

Dystonia Network of Australia Inc. (DNA)  is pleased to announce Australia’s Dystonia Awareness Week on the Government Calendar for 2019 is 7th – 14th September inclusive. We are indebted to Grainger films who decided to professionally  produce the dystonia awareness radio ad pro-bono which is now out at radio stations across Australia via Livermore Media. Please let us know if you hear it. We have our awareness days as follows: Royal North Shore Hospital Sydney: Monday 2nd September 2019 in the Main Foyer from 10am – 5pm.  St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney: Wednesday 11th September 2019 on the Mezzanine level from 10am – 5pm. We have chosen these dates to cover the Movement disorder or Botulinum Toxin clinics. If you live nearby come and chat to us or spend some time assisting at the booths. For more information please email us. The GP Education dates, we will have a booth, at Sydney – Saturday 24th August 2019 and Adelaide – 14th September 2019.  Also let us know if you want to do something special to celebrate Dystonia Awareness Week. We are happy to support you. Stay tuned to our  press release  and  news stories  pages on our web site for updates. For more information you can email us mailto:info@dystonia.org.au

DNA Dystonia 0.30 sec.  Radio Ad



2019 Free Charity Announcement



ABC Health Report on Dystonia

Dystonia Network of Australia Inc. (DNA) is thrilled to announce as part of the Dystonia Awareness week the segment on the ABC Health Report on Dystonia is now playing. DNA members Robyn and Paul are the patients who are telling their Dystonia stories and our DNA Advisory Board Members Associate Professor Victor Fung MDS Neurologist spoke on Botox and its effective treatment of Dystonia and how it works by altering messages from the brain, Doctor Stephen Tisch MDS Neurologist spoke about Movement Disorders and what they are, he also spoke on new MRI called a DTI which can show Dystonia the gapes in gene research, and how patients with the gene can sometimes have no symptoms and others without the gene can have the symptoms and finally how therapies are sometimes ahead of understanding conditions and Dr Lynley Bradnam Professor of Physiotherapy (NZ) spoke about Dystonia and what it is and different types of the condition also DBS surgery and how in the early days it was thought it was a hysterical condition and advances in imagery Here is the ABC link:


With Permission of                                                                                                                                                                                    James Bullen
Producer, Health Report,                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ABC Radio National  Sydney, Australia



DNA Benefit Night:

Inaugural Benefit Night at Terranova Bar & Restaurant

1647 The Horsely drive, Horsely Park NSW 2175

Thursday 28th April 2016

The Auction & Benefit Night on 28 April 2016 at Terranova Bar & Restaurant was a great suc-cess. Around 200 people attended, all with the intention of enjoying the atmosphere, the won-derful food and drinks and generously giving to a great cause. DNA cleared $16,000 from the event. Many Thanks to our hosts and also to those of our members who donated to the night and those who gave auction items.


We would like to acknowledge the people from DNA who donated to the success of the night in various ways:

Our thanks go to Marina McShannon, Phil Mangan, Leah Ding, Jacqui Sutton and Eric Williams. The main sponsors  for the evening will be posted  on the website soon.



Fundraising for 2015

1. Trivia Night, Springwood Country Club, Springwood, Blue Mountains, NSW  Saturday 25th July   Download Trivia Night Flyer

DNA Office Bearers,2015 Anne, Phil, Kerrie, Robyn & Laraine

DNA Office Bearers 2015,  Anne, Phil, Kerrie, Robyn & Laraine.


What a great night!! raising $3,500

What a great night!! making $3,500 after expenses.


DNA inaugural trivia fundraiser 2015

DNA inaugural trivia fundraiser 2015 with 100 family and friends attended the trivia night.

On behalf of myself, Laraine and the DNA committee, we wish to give our heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported us and took part in our Inaugural Dystonia Awareness Campaign and Fundraiser. We have been overwhelmed with everyone’s  generous donations of  money and prizes. It was an absolutely fantastic night with around 100 people attending the trivia night. It was really wonderful to see all of our families and friends gathering together to support Dystonia!! After all our expenses we raised the amazing amount of $3,500.00 which will go towards the reprinting of our brochures so we can start delivering them to all the Botox Clinics,  MDS Neurologists and Hospitals in Australia as well as providing new members with their packages.


2. City to Surf, August. It is a fantastic sunny day for the City2Surf I wish Laraine , Ann, Claire and Candy a Wonderful Day for our Dystonia Awareness and Fundraising see you at the end!!!!


Dystonia Network of Australia Inc. (DNA) is the National Peak Body for All Types of Dystonia.    

Dystonia Network of Australia Inc. is a member of the newly formed Australian Patient Organisation Network (APON) in May 2019 which has been formed to support the Australian Not-For-Profit Health Charities sector.

We are registered with the  Centre for Community – Driven Research (CCDR) & the lnternational Centre for Community – Driven Research. (ICCDR)

ICD  Classification lnternational  Statistical  Classification  of  Diseases and  Related Health Problems 
(lCD),  a  medical classification list by the World  Health Organisation (WHO). lt contains codes for  diseases,  signs  and symptoms,  abnormal  findings,  complaints,  social circumstances,  and external  causes  of injury or diseases.
Vl Disease of the nervous system.
G20-G26 Extrapyramidal and movement disorders
G24 Dystonia.

Registered Charity ABN:  66 348 949 649  and  Charitable Fundraising No: CNF/23669 with deductible gift recipient (DGR) status 2014, and a Medical and Multidisciplinary Advisory Board.