Over the next few months we intend to build up a list of additional information sites to add to your dystonia knowledge. If you would like to name a site or service for our excellence award please contact DNA.

Australian Dystonia Awareness Month 1st – 30th September 2021 Incl.

           Dystonia Network of Australia Inc. (DNA)  is the National Peak Organisation for all types of Dystonia in Australia, we are pleased to announce that the Australian Dystonia Awareness Month on the Government Health Calendar for 2021 is the 1st – 30th September inclusive. For more information on Dystonia and the Awareness Month stay tuned to our Press Release  and News Stories pages on our web site www.dystonia.org.au or you can Email us mailto:info@dystonia.org.au if you would like to take part or have any Fundraising or Awareness ideas, we would love to hear from you.

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Kerrie & Laraine.

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The dystonia society

http://www.dystonia.org.uk/         info@dystonia.org.uk






New Zealand Dystonia Patient Network  is holding its Annual Seminar on Sat. 16/6/18 in Auckland                            


Click on this link to open the COVID-19 special newsletter: Dystonians in Lockdown 2020



                              Phillippa, Laraine, Jayne, Peggy, Alison & Kerrie                                                                

Strengthening the DNA & NZDPN Dystonia Alliance                      Strengthening the DNA & NZDPN Alliance at the DNA Seminar 2016  



Dear Member/Contact

We regret to announce that because of the current Covid-19 outbreak we have decided to cancel the Annual Seminar, which was to be held on 16 May in Wellington.  We are mindful of government and health advice to minimise social gatherings, and that we need to put the health of our community first.  Please find attached advice from the Ministry of Health.

We will still hold an AGM this coming winter, and will endeavour to do this in a way that provides for appropriate personal separation!  We will update you when arrangements are made.


NZ Dystonia Network


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Dystonia Europe


29 /06 /19
Dear All, there is a livestream dystonia session that you may want to view on the link below

Dystonia Europe Broadcast from Norway 5 – 6.30pm Today Australian time


Monika, Kerrie and Laraine 2014

 "Jump For Dystonia" DNA Seminar August 2015

“Jump For Dystonia” Dystonia Network of Australia Inc. Seminar Aug. 2015